Unforgettable Weddings
We know that every couple has an image of their wedding day. We take that image, along with your musical choices and blend it with our experience and knowledge.  Together we create an Unforgettable Wedding that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.


​​​Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremonies have become very popular in recent years, and we are happy to provide the music and sound for your Ceremony.  We provide a general light mixture of music while your guests arrive. You will choose all of the music played during the Processions and Recession.  We also will provide a Microphone for the Officiate, so that your guests will hear those everlasting vows, I do. 

Cocktail Session
The Cocktail Session is the time when your guests are greeting each other, enjoying a beverage and appetizers.  We create a perfect musical setting that will allow your guests to relax, unwind and feel refreshed in a positive atmosphere.  The music that we will play is a mixture of mid tempo songs from all eras, and genres; which subconsciously creates a very fun and pleasant feeling.  All musical selections are played at a comfortable volume, so that your guests will be able to carry on
​conversation without interruption.​


Dinner Reception
During dinner your guests will be able to enjoy their meal and the conversations with those around them. We will play a mixture of music, at a comfortable volume. We will create an atmosphere that will have everyone tapping their feet and
​snapping their fingers. ​Simply enjoying the event.

Party Time

This is our favorite part of the event, where we invite everyone to the dance floor to celebrate with our Bride and Groom, while using different interactive techniques to enhance your enjoyment.​​​ We will play an array of  songs and music styles, incorporating your personal style and selections.