Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How early in advance should I reserve my DJ?
​​A. We recommend that you reserve your DJ atleast 6-12 months prior to your date.

Q. Do you have insurance, as my venue requires it?

A. Diamond DJs carries a 2.0 million dollar liability insurance policy, and will be glad to supply your venue with the proper documentation.​​​

Q. What would you like to eat at the Reception?
A. Thank you for your Hospitality, however we are working and do not expect you to pay for our meal.  We would rather you put the money towards your event.

Q. Do you require a deposit to reserve the date?
A. Yes, We do require a deposit to reserve a date for any event. For more Information please see our policy page.

Q. Would you Travel out of the area?
A. Yes, we will gladly travel to perform anywhere, however travel charges may apply.

Q. My venue offers a DJ in their Package, but we want you. How can we have you as the DJ at our event?
A. We have a great relationship with many venues.  If you inform your event coordinator of your request, I'm sure they will do their best t​​o accomodate you.

Q. Why do I need a DJ and a Master of Ceremonies at my Wedding?
A. If you have a large wedding(over 100 guests) the workload can become intense for one person, and you may be restricted of certain options. We believe in providing you with the best entertainment available, and having a DJ and a Master of Ceremonies is the proper way of doing so.

Q. Do you include gratuity in your price?
A. No, Gratuity is not included, nor is it mandatory however it is greatly appreciated.

Q. Do you know any good, honest , and affordable vendors?
A. Yes, We get to work with the best and the worst.  We get to see all of the behind the scenes dirt, therefore we'll gladly point you in the right direction.
Simply view our Preffered Vendors page, their you'll find the most trustworthy companies in the industry.​​​​​​​​​​

Q. I found a DJ on Craigslist that will DJ my Wedding for $300.00, can you beat that price?
A. Unfortunately I am not able to Match or Beat that price, however I'm sure that the quality of service, and the value of the packages that we offer will far exceed DJ Craigslist.​​​